We don’t give up the fight to keep our firearms!

We’ll go to step TWO! Pay for professional help as well as lobbying in national governments for our rights. We’ve updated our donation page with the new balance and the list of expenses: Expenses : -13.093,56 € Balance : 68.392,05 More expenses will have to be paid for: FIREARMS UNITED Conference catering and webstream, more flights expenses for speakers professional … Read More

Updates of Fighting Fund and IMCO

Our special thank goes today to Mikael from Sweden Mikael invented chamberflags and sold them for 150 SEK (15€) and spent 100 SEK (10€) of each sale to our fighting fund. He distributes them only on matches, not online. But he offers design and contacts for all who want to copy this action – as long as 2/3 is donated … Read More

Protest 2.0

The chances for a vote that rejects many of the proposals improve if you politely inform the politicians about the impact, Your help is needed!

Donate Now For FIREARMS UNITED’s Fighting Fund

FIREARMS UNITED has been engaged in the fight against the EU Commission’s unjust proposal to amend the Firearms Directive since the day it was published in November 2015. Established collaborating organisations such as FESAC and ANARMA, as well as individual team members, are exhausting their funds which are badly required to sustain their efforts. This is where YOU can make … Read More