Firearms United is going to Supreme Court – In Sweden!

Firearms United in supporting case is Swedish supreme court because every war is won one battle at a time and never through defensive actions only! Swedish authorities were active in trying to support the firearms directive and additional restrictions to everyone in EU to support their own agenda in Sweden, but now is time to fight back!

Malta Firearms Conference – Sending the Message!

The Conference organized by FESAC, AACTS, AMACS and Firearms United in Malta has attracted media attention – in addition to hall full of firearms enthusiasts and foreign guests from many organizations in Europe! Nothing in the directive is yet settled, and even the trilogue is still formally ongoing before the parliament approves the current “compromise”. Malta is in key position, … Read More

We don’t give up the fight to keep our firearms!

We’ll go to step TWO! Pay for professional help as well as lobbying in national governments for our rights. We’ve updated our donation page with the new balance and the list of expenses: Expenses : -13.093,56 € Balance : 68.392,05 More expenses will have to be paid for: FIREARMS UNITED Conference catering and webstream, more flights expenses for speakers professional … Read More

Fighting Fund sent a team to Brussels

FIREARMS UNITED’s Fighting Fund enabled us to send a team of members and independent experts to Brussels. The team arrived on Monday to attend important meetings prior to and during the IMCO vote of today. We thank our donors.

Update for Fighting Fund

A big “Thank You” to those who are supporting us through donations to the Fighting Fund: 30,000 euro already and increasing daily! A special thanks goes to our French supporters. Our partners UNPACT as well as the French association for target shooters FFTir have donated 500 € and 2,000 € respectively and appeal to their members to donate. We particularly … Read More


Fighting Fund We are overwhelmed, the donations do not stop, it is continuous, minute by minute. On Monday evening PAYPAL and ING DIRECT show more than 20.000 € Meanwhile we also installed a “Donation Button” to make it easier for you. Some people asked why FIREARMS UNITED was founded in Poland and collects money in Spain. Here comes the answer: … Read More