Update for Donations

Thank You!

 08.06.2016 – 11 donators  315,00  315,00
 09.06.2016 – 55 donators  2270,77  2.585,77
 09.06.2016 – UNPACT (FR)  500,00  3.085,77

We will list donations by Paypal when they are booked in the account.
On 09.06.2016 we had 100 pending donations by Paypal with 2.300 €.

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10 Comments on “Update for Donations”

    1. First, it’s true that PayPal don’t work,
      Next, the the BIC number is rejected by my bank (ING !!!) as a BIC number must be sompsed of 8 or 12 digits, and the given BIC (INGDESMMXXX) has 11 digits !!!

    2. I made a mistake in my previous post.
      It is possible to send money via PayPal, but that mean to go on your own PayPal page and send money to the e-mail adress “paypal@anarma.es”… Sorry.

    1. Si, c’est possible, il faut aller sur sa page personnelle PayPal, cliquer sur l’onglet “transfert” en haut de la page d’accueil, puis sur “payer des biens ou des services” et rentrer l’adresse e-mail “paypal@anarma.es”.
      Il n’y a plus qu’à rentrer le montant avec un chiffre suivi de plein de zéros !!!

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