EU gun ban: British hopes, Polish lies, French betrayal

Article by Pierangelo Tendas ( The plans for an European-wide gun ban are still being discussed at the European Parliament, Commission, and Council. After the latest, shameful attempt to have it “swiftly passed” after the March 22nd Brussels bombing, a hope comes from where the European gun owners’ community expected it the least: Great Britain. British hopes And indeed a British … Read More

FU-member NFA at the Supreme Court Of Canada

When the province of Quebec refused to destroy data collected on firearms registration as ordered by the Federal government, Canada’s National Firearms Association (NFA) acted. The Quebec government had sought the right to make use of that data to maintain a provincial firearms registry in Quebec. The federal government disagreed and the matter went to court in Quebec and wound … Read More

Italian branch of Firearms United attacked by Italian branch of One World

Unimondo, the Italian branch of OneWorld, an enormous pacifist organization, publicly attacked the Italian branch of Firearms United in an article wich is almost funny, full of prejudices, errors and exagerations. The article can be found here with automatical translation: The shooting at the Court of Milan and the gun lobby  In a social climate more and more tense and with … Read More

Gun control has turned Australia into a nation of defenceless victims, says senator

Australia has been turned into a “nation of victims” by gun control laws, Liberal Democratic senator David Leyonhjelm believes. He says this week’s Sydney cafe siege would have been less likely to happen if the gunman thought his hostages might be carrying concealed weapons. “That nutcase who held them all hostage wouldn’t have known that they were armed and bad … Read More

[GER] Eine europäische Initiative

Schon oft ist hier – und in anderen Foren – eine “europäische NRA” gefordert, wenn nicht gar herbeigesehnt, worden. Nun tut sich da etwas, es hat sich eine multinationale Vereinigung von legalen Waffenbesitzern gegründet die es sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat das Recht auf Waffenbesitz in Europa zu bewahren, auszubauen und zu forcieren!

ALL4SHOOTERS support for Firearms United

We proudly present a new article published lately by about the Firearms United movement. As we put a lot of work and free time in our goals, we are proud to see that there are organizations which apreciate our effort that much. 

Interpol Chief Ronald Noble on armed citizens

Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble suggested, that the best solution for defence in the face of rising global terrorism was – simply – arming the citizens of all democratic countries around the globe. The incident that led Noble to this statement was the last al-Shabab attack.