The Czech are taking EU to court – results out possibly already Q2/19

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The Czech Republic rejected something that they call “European Disarmament Directive” and instead they filed a lawsuit with the EU Court of Justice for its annulment: “The Czech Republic filed an action for annulment of Directive 2017/853 in August 2017.

During 2018, a written part of the proceedings took place. The oral hearing is likely to take place in March 2019. The ruling can therefore be expected only in the second half of 2019, “said a representative of the Ministry of the Interior on the question of Czech Justice.

According to news sources [1] the Czech are not just fighting the directive in court but also working on complete overhaul of the Czech fire arms legislation. According to the statement of Jiří Korbell of the Ministry of the Interior, three working groups have been formed to secure the necessary competence and to hear the opinions of the stakeholders. 

The expert working group includes representatives of gunmen associations, military history clubs, interest organizations, as well as other representatives of the professional public, including business entities or the academic sphere. The working versions of the new laws are widely discussed with the members of the working groups, and their comments are modified. So far there have been no problems that would not be solvable, “said Jiri Korbel of the Press Department of the Interior for the Czech Justice.

This process of revising the firearms legislation is the polar opposite of the approach taken in other European countries, including for example Sweden, Germany and France where the authorities are pushing hard to implement local legislation far tighter than even the draconian EU firearms directive requires.

We are keeping an eye on the hearings and keep our fingers crossed and hope that Czech will prevail. Should they get the whole directive anulled, then the writer of this article will buy Skoda and a Bren – latter which is only to be fed with S&B ammo…

[1] Original source

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