Frequently Asked Questions

Will FIREARMS UNITED become a real association registered as lobbyist in Brussels?

Yes, we want to do this. But we do not have time and capicities at the moment for this step. The Polish founder of FIREARMS UNITED is working on a contract for a foundation with pay-membership and access as lobby-group for the European Commission. As this step needs time and menpower we postponed it to 2017.

How can I support FIREARM UNITED’s activity?

Meanwhile we need your financial support, as we are running out of money – formerly paid by our partners’s associations. Also your individual support by writing emails to your MEPs and national government or federal experts is more important. You may do both: spending money and writing letters/emails – or doing only one thing. Money and time are needed.

What can I do to help?

As long as we do not have a foundation with payment-membership, we would be more than happy if you register (even with nick name) as a member and read our news by email and do not unsubscribe for additional news.

We appreciate if you would forward our news to your friends. We even more appreciate if you would not even consume our news but act by using our facts for letters or emails to your government or/and MEPs.

It does not take more than 2 minutes to register as non-payment member; it does not cost you “valuable” time to recieve our news; it would double or quadruble our effect, if you would forward our informations.