Firearms United Network – Fight for the Future

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Firearms United Network – Fight for the Future

The civil rights of firearms owner and firearms ownership has been under constant attack and there has been only development direction for the legislation concerning firearms ownership – tighten it. The politicians and authorities only seem to have one tool – ban hammer – in the legislation tool box.

The EU commission has been trying to ban semiautomatic firearms since 2013, then again 2015 it all started again with attempt to „further regulate most dangerous semiautomatic firearms“ which soon turned out to be attempt to fully ban pretty much all semiautomatic firearms. Thanks to community coming together and collecting a massive war chest we were enabled to put people to plane Brussels to try to save the future of shooting sports, firearms collecting, hunting and recreational firearms ownership. YOU made it possible.

The fight was hard and this time the member states have to implement useless magazine restrictions which infringe private property ownership and violate freedom association – carved into constitutions of some memberstates.

Since the slice of your rights carved out this time was not big enough, the commission is going after the lead used in ammunition to make shooting sports more expensive with the support of European Chemicals Agency and a strongly biased study.

We have grown tired of fighting a losing battle. Something needs to change. We need to organize and be ready for the next time. This what Firearms United Network is about.

Purpose of Firearms United Network

– Act as an official organization to back the fight of national organizations. (We got discredited many times due to not having official organization)

– Provide services to national organizations to enable them to work in efficient fashion (IT infrastructure etc)

– Act as a centralized entity to gather and distribute and weaponize the information we receive from our sources, members and national organizations

– Provide opportunity for coordinated action

– To be ready for the next round. Last time, we lost valuable time because we had to collect funding and essentially start from zero to get the wheels spinning

– Keep you informed about the latest threats to your rights.

Rome was not built in a day. NRA was not built in a day either. Other common thing for the two is that they both had to start from somewhere.

We are starting right here, right now. Nobody is protecting your rights – except YOU. Want to make a difference?

Join Firearms United Network using link below.

Fight for the Future!

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