Feel Free

Feel Free and safe WHY IS THAT IMPORTANT? You would like to be free and safe, wouldn’t you? We surely would. This is why we exist. This is why you’re here. Freedom is about choices. You can make on your own choice, you can opt to make your – and our – life better. As recent developments show, our freedom is … Read More

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Report Homicide and Suicide

Important links   Firearms Report IV Homicide and Suicide   This report is a study of the relationship between legal firearm ownership and crime. It has been reviewed by academics with expertise in this area, in reaction to the process by the European Commission to amend the EU Firearms Directive with much more restrictions on legal firearm ownership.   Between … Read More

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Firearms United Social media For now, you can join us on Facebook or you visit the social medias of our partners. All of them have a Facebook page, some have Twitter and Youtube-Channels.   Our German partner GRA has not only some German playlists, but also an English one for the European affairs: GRA Europe/International They just started this playlist in July … Read More

Our Mission

Our Mission Do YOU feel free and safe? We don’t. Firearms United has a goal. To unite all gun owners, hunters, sport shooters, gun collectors as well as other gun-friendly passionates, but also to provide you with the knowledge, tools and assistance needed to make changes. Not only do we have the strength and support within the organization, there is a fast-growing network of partners, … Read More

Make Changes


Make Changes Welcome! This section will provide you with solutions, tools and advice on how you can help us achieve our mutual goal.    JOIN OUR SOCIETY As a first step, simply join us on facebook, where we post all daily news and updates. Facebook fanpage here. Click on link below to see regional site of Firearms United in your … Read More


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