The EU Gun Ban is approved without amendments

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Our partner GUNSweek summed up the outcome: Just as the European gun owners community feared, the modifications to the European firearms directive were approved without amendments – a slap in the face of the so-called European democracy and to the civil rights of millions of gun owners Europe-wide

The European Parliament ultimately failed the citizens of the Union by not attempting to amend the text further in order to remove serious pitfalls that may come to haunt law-abiding gun owners in the future; it also failed the citizens of Europe by choosing political exigency over civil liberties and not being bold enough to consign this legislative mess to the rubbish bin where it belongs.

However the biggest loser in this entire process has been the EU itself and its credibility with millions of honest citizens like you who will neither forget nor forgive it for the way it has treated them.

With its vote, the European Parliament decided that democracy and justice in Europe do not exist, and that not all European citizens are created equal. Terrorists and criminals are thankful.

For the first time in its history, Europe has its own unitary gun rights advocacy group (FIREARMS UNITED) – an entity that has been fighting against the EU gun ban ever since it was first proposed back in November 2015.

This was theirs first fight, but they succeeded in watering down the proposal significantly, fighting with very little money, experience, and connections within the European institutions.

You can be sure that FIREARMS UNITED will follow up the process of implementing the guideline into national laws and prevent further pitfalls. We already stopped an attempt in Hungary to forbid semiautomatic rifles which could hold bigger magazines.

You can read the details what is behind the new categories A6 to A8 in English and Italian, if you click on the buttom «FOCUS ON:WHAT NOW»

GUNSweek wrote here:

European Commission has lost its crazed bid to destroy historical firearms in museums and private collections. It lost all this in spite of slandering honest citizens, lying consistently and presenting false statistical data.

There will be no total ban and mass confiscation of «Category B7» modern sporting firearms, both working and deactivated

There will be no total ban and mass confiscation of firearms that can accept magazines over 10 rounds in capacity

There will be no total ban and mass confiscation or mandatory deactivation of historical and modern automatic firearms kept by museums or by private collectors for cultural and research purposes

There will be no total ban of all realistic imitations of automatic firearms

There will be no mandatory medical and psychological tests for gun owners

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4 Comments on “The EU Gun Ban is approved without amendments”

  1. The EU Gun Ban has turned us, the law abiding Gun owners into EU Ban adepts. See how simply it added a few more millions to the eurosceptics growing Family? Putin must be thrilled! In România, at the yearly Evaluation of the Police Gun Department, If the number of new Gun permits granted is bigger that the number of those cancelled, they are in real trouble.

  2. Si la catégorie D ne reste valide que pour les armes d’origine datant d’avant 1900, favorisant uniquement les plus nantis des collectionneurs pour l’acquisition de ce type d’armes d’une valeur de plusieurs milliers d’euros, il est néanmoins déplorable de constater la disparition de la catégorie D, les répliques d’armes à chargement par l’avant.
    Une réplique d’arme ancienne est reproduite fidèlement à l’image de l’arme historique. Par conséquent, une arme à silex reste une arme à silex, une arme à chargement par la bouche reste une arme à chargement par la bouche.
    Il ne me semble par que de faire passer les répliques d’armes de poing (silex et percussion) de la catégorie D à la catégorie B, et les répliques d’armes d’épaule (silex et percussion) de la catégorie D à la catégorie C, soient une avancée significative pour la population des tireurs aux Armes Anciennes.
    Ainsi, ce sont bel et bien les tireurs sportifs aux Armes Anciennes qui sont les plus grands perdants dans ces nouveaux textes, en les fichant comme les détenteurs des armes à autorisations et à déclarations. Tout cela évidemment en justifiant le fait de lutter contre le terrorisme et le trafic d’armes, à croire que ces tireurs aux armes d’un autre temps sont des terroristes qui s’approvisionnent illégalement.

  3. Il est bien clair qu’aucune des mesurettes liberticides imposées au citoyen européen n’aura d’influence sur le trafic illégal des armes et sur le terrorisme.
    C’est pourtant ces raisons qui ont été avancées pour justifier cette nouvelle spoliation des libertés.
    Un manque de courage et de maitrise qui conduit à infantiliser le peuple, on va geindre ensuite sur la montée du «populisme» mais c’est justement ce type de manœuvre qui provoque le rejet du système qui brise la confiance et qui nourrit le radicalisme ..

    Désolant pour nous et hilarant pour la racaille ………

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