Dutch Government Uses EU Directive to try out Racial Discrimination

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The local authorities have tried in many EU member states to implement their own “improvements” into their firearms legislation using the EU firearms directive as an excuse.

Based on the news article [1] the Dutch government really takes the cake with its local implementation proposal to introduce factors like “race, ethinicity, political views and religion” into the Weapons and Ammunition Act. They must have figured out that “stereotypes are nice because they save time!” or something…

It will be interesting to see what happens to firearms permits of those who:

a) Vote the wrong party

b) Represent Ethnic minority

c) Have the “wrong” religion (whatever that means)

d) or simply have the wrong “philosophical conviction” which I guess means believes in “wrong things”

It is simply amazing that this day and age country in the heart of Europe is going back to the dark ages.

Firearms United stands against any and all discrimination based on race, ethnicity, political views, religion, philosophical conviction or gender. All law-abiding members of society should have the same rights and responsibilities and every decision regarding for example firearms permit should be based on individual. Not the race or ethnic group individual represents.

“The Dutch government wants to register the race, ethnicity, political views, and religion or philosophical conviction of anyone who applies for or renews a firearm license. These new requirements for firearm licenses are written in a legislative proposal that will be submitted to the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament, next month, the Volkskrant reports.

The bill is a modification of the Weapons and Ammunition Act. The changes are made to comply with a tightened European directive on the possession of weapons, following a series of terrorist attacks in Europe. The objective of the directive is to improve the traceability of firearms within the EU through proper registration, to facilitate automated data exchange, and to combat illegal firearm possession, according to the newspaper.”

[1] https://nltimes.nl/2018/09/27/dutch-govt-wants-register-race-religion-firearm-permits-report


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