EU study: Marking, deactivation and conversion of firearms

Marking of firearms, their deactivation and destruction, and conversions of  alarm guns and replica weapons to fire live ammunition were topics of Communication for the European Commission to the European Parliament last year. It is also topic of a study performed by Ernst & Young analytic agency in June 2014. The results look quite promising.   This information was first published … Read More

Interview with Maria from Russia

Maria, who or what got you started to become a gun right activist? I have a very simple story. My father is a hunter and since my early childhood he has taught me and my sister how to shoot. I fired my first gun at the age of 8. Then I became interested in sports shooting (especially practical shooting). And … Read More

Interview with Katarina from Ukraine


Katarina Ustymenko, who or what got you started to become a gun right activist? In addition to the traditional lack of already efficient operation of law enforcement agencies in my country, recent events changed my value system. No one will protect you, only you yourself.


On the occasion of Ronald K. Noble (INTERPOL General Secretary) words in ABC News, defending armed law abiding citizens as important part of a global security strategy against terrorism, the Deputy Chairman of the polish pro-gun association ROMB, Andrzej Turczyn, sent a letter to INTERPOL supporting this initiative Here we show you the answer:  

Questions to Candidates for EP 2014

We sent this letter Candidates for the European Parliament   Dear ….,   in October 2013, the EC Home Affairs presented a biased action plan against firearms violence, calling for new guidelines in 2015-2018. The announcement caused an outcry from sporting and hunting associations, as well as from media and from individuals, across the EU. Issue-based campaigns benefit from low … Read More

Is it worth to defend yourself?

A citizen of Kołobrzeg city defended himself against criminals. He received a sentence of 10 years imprisonment. Another 64 year old man awaits his trial – he defended himself with a pocket knife. A French jeweller shot a robber – he may be sentenced to 30 years in prison. Is that how it should be? During an exhibition organized by … Read More

Are the poles safe?

After the Newton massacre A 34-year-old man shot people with an AK-47 who were drinking alcohol and behaving loudly outside his home. Another 24-year-old man shot and wounded himself in the shoulder while cleaning his gun. Accidents like that occur almost every day, not only in the USA, but in Poland, in a country inwhich strict laws are on the … Read More

In defense of weapons

For us, the Polish people, November 11th is a holiday. On November 11th, 1918, Jozef Pilsudskii was granted the military leadership by the Regency Council. On that day the German garrison in Warsaw has been disarmed. Jarogniew Drweski took over the city ofPoznan and the German armies began withdrawing from Poland. That is why today we, the Polish people, celebrate our National