Commission wants #EUGunban says Council

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Austrian Parliament published the latest news of the Council – we copied the sections regarding firearms and explosives. The most important sentences in red:

It is important to reach an agreement before the end of the year.

The Commission will continue to urge the colegislators to maintain the level of ambition, particularly the objective to ban the most dangerous semi-automatic firearms.

The document is titled:

First progress report towards an effective and genuine Security Union


a) Legal framework for combatting terrorism and cutting access to financing and firearms

The Commission has accelerated the implementation of its Action Plan of December 2015 on reinforcing operational cooperation at EU level against the illicit trafficking and use of firearms and explosives.  Link

On 18 November 2015, in the wake of the Paris attacks, the Commission adopted an implementing Regulation on common minimum standards for deactivation of firearms. Link

The implementing Regulation entered into force on 8 April 2016 and provides that deactivated firearms are rendered irreversibly inoperable. The Committee responsible for implementation on deactivation of firearms met in September 2016 to assess the need for further revisions of the deactivation standards.

No word about poor wording, missing technical experience or the harsh critizm of the Committee IMCO.

The Commission also tabled a proposal to revise the Firearms Directive (Directive 477/91) to limit access to the most dangerous categories of firearms for civilian ownership. Link

The Council reached a general approach on the Commission’s proposal on 10 June 2016, and the European Parliament Committee for Internal Market and Consumer Protection voted on the proposal on 19 July 2016. Discussions between the co-legislators began at political level on 27 September 2016, and are now being pursued in a series of technical discussions.

It is important to reach an agreement before the end of the year.

The Commission will continue to urge the colegislators to maintain the level of ambition, particularly the objective to ban the most dangerous semi-automatic firearms.

Terrorists have exploited homemade explosives to carry out attacks in Europe. The Commission is working actively to reduce access to precursors that can be used to manufacture homemade explosives, and to strengthen the detection capabilities of law enforcement and other personnel who secure public areas, mass transit, and critical infrastructures. This work has included the financing of a research project to neutralise the explosive properties of products available over the counter in hardware stores. The project led to the filing of patents to be used by industry. The Commission together with Member States need to look urgently at how to roll this research out to deny terrorists access to this potential source of bomb making ingredients.

So they want to ban hair bleach and nail polish remover – available retail ingredients for TATP used in Paris (FR) and Chemnitz (DE) ?

At the same time, policy action against explosives also needs to address the constantly evolving nature of the threat. In collaboration with Member States, the Commission has recently identified additional precursor substances of concern that should be subject to enhanced controls. In November, the Commission will adopt three separate delegated acts adding these substances to Annex II of Regulation on the marketing and use of explosives precursors.
The additions will require the reporting of suspicious transactions, disappearances and thefts involving these substances to law enforcement authorities. In parallel, the Commission is taking action to ensure the full implementation of this Regulation by the Member States.

On 29 September 2016, the Commission launched infringement procedures against Cyprus, France, Luxembourg and Spain as not all provisions of have yet been fully implemented by these Member States. The Commission will report in early 2017 on the implementation of and whether further strengthening of European rules is required.

Are there rational reasons for these countries not to follow a new legislative act? If you know the details – please comment.

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  1. Come on! we all know that the excuse of the Paris attacks is pure and utter BS , being used in a most disgusting and low manner possible by these EU technocrat scumbags to disarm the European population in order to better control and oppress them. The sooner that we stand united and against the EU the better! My greatest wish is that the EU and its corrupt commission and parliament crumbles into dark history.