EU:n ja YK:n aseasiantuntija pidätetty epäiltynä laittomasta asekaupasta

Viime vuonna EU-komissio esitteli luonnoksensa uudeksi asedirektiiviksi ja suunnitelmana oli saada sittemmin täysin kelvottomaksi paljastunut direktiiviehdotus läpi nopeutetulla aikataululla Pariisin terrori-iskujen jälkeen. Tämän jälkeen olemme tehneet työtä vuorotta kyseisen direktiivin torppaamiseksi tai vähintäänkin pahimpien ylilyöntien poistamiseksi. Eräs asiantuntija, jota kuultiin asian tiimoilta suositteli enemmän ja tiukempia rajoituksia oli Jean-Luc Stassen, Belgian Liegen asehallintoyksikön johtaja. Herra Stassen oli läsnä myös parlamentin … Read More


Whilst we could celebrate a small victory in the European Parliament, governmental staff work behind the curtains of GENVAL and COUNCIL for more restrictions and bans. Our Governments, Ministries and Member of Parliament need to know what is going on in GENVAL and at the COUNCIL. They are responsible for its outcome: ban something due to lies or ban nothing … Read More

Something is rotten in the Kingdom of Sweden – Part 1

Police chief Peter Thorsell is well known among Sweden’s firearms owners, and it is about time he gets introduced to the rest of Europe. There are in fact similarities with some parts of the firearms directive and Thorsell’s earlier suggestions and opinions. There’s also a clear connection between the European Commission, the work in GENVAL and Swedish police Peter Thorsell.

How the European Council works on gun bans

As you might be aware, the European Parliament is not the only EU institution where the fate of legitimate firearm owners is being decided in the wake of the unelected and increasingly autocratic EU Commission’s unjustified attack against our well-regulated community. The other is the European Council, currently presided by the Netherlands, where the governments of all Member States are … Read More

EU gun ban: GENVAL and EC insist, Firearms United calls to action

Article by Pierangelo Tendas ( As the European Commission and GENVAL keep up the pressure in support of the EU gun ban, Firearms United calls all European gun owners to action Whoever thought that the battle for the defense of our rights against the gun grab attempts of the European Commission and other EU institutions would be over − even just … Read More