Stephen Petroni: The Collectors’ Perspective on the Firearms Directive

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The European Commission’s EU Gun Ban plans also target collectors, and quite heavily so: they would be forced to permanently alter, deactivate, or even turn in for destruction many firearms of great economic, historic and cultural value because the European Commission considers them « too dangerous » to be left in the hands of average citizens.

FESAC chairman Stephen A. Petroni once again denounced how the European Commission willfully and maliciously compares legitimate gun collectors with illegal hoarders and identifies them as « possible sources of firearms » for the black market in order to justify restrictions against them.

Along with museums, private gun collectors today take it upon themselves to preserve often unique collectable pieces for the futurte generations; the European Commission wants to destroy those pieces of history, just like ISIS did with the monuments of Palmyra and Nimrud, and is willing to trample on subsidiarity principle and overload law-abiding citizens with more legislative and bureaucratic burden rather than letting Member States enforce existing laws – and all because it’s hell-bent to disarm individuals.

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