Swedish Minister of Interior under Suspicion

We have just been informed that Anders Ygeman, the Swedish Minister of Interior, is subject to parliamentary investigation by the constitutional committee regarding his work with the Firearms Directive.

Leaked documents indicate that the mandate given by the Parliament, that the Firearms Directive shouldn’t be unnecessarily burdensome to legal firearm owners, has not been followed.

According to leaked documents Sweden has proposed bans on some semi-automatic firearms, medical checks and time limited licensing.

It seems as if Swedens interior minister has a habit of not following his given mandate in Brussels, a giant leap away from democracy.

Only three days ago the Minister was criticized by the constitutional committee for violating the parliamentary mandate when negotiating terms for the EU border management Frontex (advocating that Frontex could operate on Swedish territory without Swedish approval, something that the Swedish parliament previously had ruled out).

Morgan Johansson from the Swedish Department of Justice, that today is joining Anders Ygeman in the negotiations is also mentioned in the report for classifying documents regarding Swedens negotiations in Brussels as secret in what could be a cover up.

The report to the constitutional committee can be downloaded here (Large PDF in Swedish)

More information:

S-ministrar KU-anmäls för vapenhantering  (automatically translated in EN)


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