Firearms United Network – Fight for the Future

Firearms United Network has been founded to organize and back the fight for Firearms Ownership. Only you can help to protect your rights! Join up with us and Fight the Future! United we stand – divided we lose.

Fin des négociations tripartites sur le contrôle des armes à feu en Europe

Tiré d’un article du partenaire de Firearms United : et écrit par Pierangelo Tendas le 21/12/2016 Le communiqué  de presse de la Commission Européenne Le Parlement Européen et le « lobby agressif des armes » limitent la proposition de la commission La fuite d’un texte partiel (par la commission) n’a pas de valeur Les prochaines étapes pour l’UE auront … Read More

Thougt Leader Opinion on Firearms Directive

When we had been asked to « buy » a printed opinion by the Parliament Magazine we first thought this could be wasted money. But when we heard that Vicky Ford will write an article, too – we agreed to spend money from our Fighting Fund for this advertising. And we choose Stephen to speak for us. Stephen is chairman of FESAC, the … Read More

What is FIREARMS UNITED’s goal?

We want to inform people and mainstream that legal gun ownership is not a threat, but a benefit for our security. We want that worldwide polls will have the same outcome as in the US. In the US the public opinion on legal gun ownership shifted within 15 years. We need to shift worldwide opinion in less than 5 years. … Read More