What is Firearms United – and what does it stand for?

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Dear followers of Firearms United,

we have received lot of questions over time about what we are and what do we stand for. We have also been fairly busy with the firearms directive lately, but now finally it is time to answer those questions.

Firearms United is a global alliance of firearms enthusiasts, defending the private ownership of firearms and promoting its various forms, such as sport shooting, firearms collecting, self defense and hunting, and also promoting the safe and responsible usage of firearms.

In other words, the Firearms United is a network – a network which consists of different organizations in various countries, some of them using the name Firearms United, some of them using some other names. For example in Austria, we have Firearms United Austria, but in Spain the Firearms United is locally represented by ANARMA, and in Italy we for example Comitato Direttiva 477 is part of Firearms United Network. You get the picture. You can find some of our partners from here: https://firearms-united.com

Our guiding principles are the following:

We concentrate on firearms related issues

While individuals in Firearms United may support certain political parties privately, Firearms United takes no sides in politics. We are not right-wing, we are not left-wing, nor are we anywhere in between. Firearms United does not take sides in politics.

Some people have asked what we think about for example immigration policy and refugees. Well, we dont. Firearms United network has absolutely no opinion on immigration policy. We also do not have any opinion on recreational use of cannabis, abortion or whether Santa Claus exists or not.

Let me say it again: If it is not firearms related, Firearms United network as an organization does not have an opinion on it. We concentrate on firearms and civil rights. Your rights.

We do not seek personal financial gain

Thanks to your generous donations to Firearms United Network we, as in all gun owners together, managed to impact EU firearms directive. Thanks to you, we got enough euros to put the right guys into plane towards Brussels on the right time – multiple times.

However, due to Firearms United brand now having some recognition we have heard of unfortunate incidents in various EU-countries. We have for example heard some shady individuals trying to tarnish Firearms United brand by trying to extort ”protection money” from gun shops. This is just one example how shady people – thiefs – try exploit Firearms United brand.

For those that would like to support us do it through our website www.firearms-united.com . Because crowd funding is still illegal in some countries, we have re-opened our Firearms United Store so people in those countries have also a possibility to support us.

You find it here: https://iamthegunlobby.eu/

If someone else tries to shake you down for money in the name of Firearms United – let us know and call the police.

Who can sign or speak in the name of the Firearms United Network – or make deals and arrangements behalf of the Firearms United Network?

Nobody. Local chapters may work as local chapters, but they do not represent the Firearms United Network as a whole. Firearms United Network has a board, which together makes decisions concerning the whole network.

There are many people trying to exploit the brand – but Firearms United staff is committed to play by common rules listed above – if you see something shady – or something not aligned with our principles being done in the name of Firearms United Network – let us know!

Use local chapters, any of them, or the main FB page, or mail directly to persons you know are involved in the Firearms United to report the issues.

United we stand – divided we fall!

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