Canada Assault Weapon Ban 2020

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Canada, under the boot of Justin Trudeau has been hit with a ban of semiautomatic center-fire firearms, which are in main stream media often called as „Assault Weapons” – known by those in the know as „Modern sporting firearms”.

The rhetorics are typical: „Nobody needs a high power firearm” and „You dont need AR-15 to hunt deer, you can use sticks and stones”. Or something.

And the classic:
„The significant risk that these firearms pose to the public’s safety outweighs any justification for their continued use and availability within Canada given that numerous types of firearms remain available for lawful ownership for hunting or sport shooting purposes.”

The statement above is usually used if the one using it is unable to demonstrate or specify the risk, ie the numbers are not really working for them…

Similar fashion as in EU in 2015, the Paris attacks – by terrorists, with illegal firearms – the recent Nova Scotia incident acted as a trigger for restricting the rights of law abiding citizens. The actual piece of legislation was most likely pre-prepared, and hiding in the desk drawer just waiting for the right time. It is also worth noting that in Nova Scotia, the firearms used by the perpetrator were not in legal possession – the criminal in question did not have a valid firearms certificate. And had the criminal used an AR-15 or any other modern sporting firearm that could even remotely resemble something that could be classified as an „Assault Weapon” – whatever that means in this context – we would have read about it in the head lines of every news outlet in Canada. On the contrary, the make and model of firearms seems to have been classified as a national secret and there are only vague statements about them.

The actual text about the amendments can be found from here:×3.pdf

The following firearms in particular were banned:
– SG-550 rifle, SG-551 carbine, all variants
– Full AR-family both DI- and Piston: M16, AR-10 and AR-15 rifles and the M4 carbine, and any variants or modified versions of them, Heckler & Kock Piston variants etc
– M14 Family of Rifles
– Ruger Mini-14s
– VZ58, all variants
– Robinson XCRs
– CZ Scorpions, all models
– Sig MCX
– Any firearm with bore of 20 mm or larger
– 50. Caliber rifles – ban is worded as „FirearmS with muzzle energy greater than 10 000 joules”

There will be an amnesty period, and text also hints on several occasions about coming „buy-back” program and „grand-fathering”. This approach has been copied directly from the recent New Zealand firearms ban, and the there any promise of „grand fathering” were false, and in the resulting buy back during 2019 less than 56 000 firearms were turned in by the end of the amnesty, and the rest of the semiautomatics are now in the black market beyond any means of control. And there are estimates up to 1,2 to 1,5 million firearms in New Zealand. Nobody knows how many of those were semiautomatics, but the estimates range from 50 000 to 170 000. And this means, that the only potential buyers for these firearms are now the criminals which means that the professinal criminals will not be running out of guns in New Zealand any time soon.

In Canada, the ban is estimated to impact about 90 000 firearms. Amnesty period is set to last 2 years, which means amnesty ends before the next elections are held. This means that the local civil rights groups have very little to work with, and 2 years to perform a miracle.

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