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EU Petition

Say NO to the draft proposal announced on 18 November 2015 


Do not restrict semi-automatic firearms ’because they look like an automatic firearm’


This new legislation does NOTHING to adress the problems of violence and terror.


The 18 November IP-15-6110 draft to amend 91/477/EEC is not only populistic in nature, it is also an insult to our civil liberties and to the intelligence of the EU citizens as a whole.


You can read the text of the petition in these languages: English, French, German,  Suomeksi, Spanish, Czech, Romanian, Slovenian, Swedish, Italian, Hungarian, Portuguese and Polish

 Link to the Petition: EU : You cannot stop terrorism by restricting legal gun ownership.



If you have any information, references or contacts that could help – please contact us under 



The law should regulate access to weapons, but not in order to ban the law-abiding citizens from carrying weapons, but rather to create an advantage for the law-abiding citizens over those that do not adhere to the law. At the same time, we propose defining law-abiding as posing no considerable threat to oneself or public order and safety.


It is impossible nowadays to define being “law abiding” as observing every provision of the law. A maze of regulations in conjunction the degree of criminalization of morally harmless human behaviour, mean it is highly likely that many non-violent/harmless and otherwise responsible people fall foul of a petty victimless offence.


Restrictions should not be so overly restrictive that it makes it impossible to realistically apply for and receive a permit, that would be an abuse of the system. Draconian restrictions against everyone is an assumption that everyone is lawless, mentally unstable and willing to create a threat to others. Such assumptions form the foundations of a totalitarian system.


In our opinion minimal criteria should be written into provisions of law, fulfilment of which would guarantee the right to own firearms, so that on the other hand it is clear, who – as defined by law – is a threat to others and thus barred from owning weapons.


Lawlessness should not be treated equally with lawful behaviour in our society. The preference for law-abiding people over the criminals needs to be written into the provisions of law. We should make access to weapons difficult for those, who consider violence towards others a normal behaviour, and we should facilitate the right for peaceful non-violent people to defend themselves.



Since November 2014 DG Home Affairs has a new Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos

You can see all commission’s news here: Link


Previous actions in 2013 …

Our first and most important mission is to stop the European Union from implementing new regulations making the EU citizen’s access to firearms more diffcult.

You can find more information about the EU statement here

We prepared a letter to the then Commissioner Cecilia Malmström in different languages.