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GunOwners SA is the South African affiliate of GunOwners of America. We were established out of a previous organisation (SA Gunowners Association) which had gradually lost relevance and become moribund. We have always tried to faithfully represent the interests of ALL gunowners in South Africa and not just those sportsmen and collectors who are already represented by their various organisations. We are a watchdog organisation and an advocate for a sane legislative environment for all firearm owners. We have begun to roll out a municipal ward-based membership structure to bring our decision making and participation down to the very lowest possible level. Our ward structures report up to our provincial structures who then constitute our National Executive. Critical to our approach is that every member is a spokesperson in their own right for GOSA, and they embark on individual or group initiatives whenever and wherever they can. This way we ensure that we have a constant flow of new blood feeding interactions with the national media, and interfacing with the public on multiple levels.






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