Nový pokus Eropské komise prosadit zákaz zbraní typu AK47 a AR15 a jejich klony

Džin je venku z láhve… Nový pokus (16. 11. 2016) Evropské komise zakázat (prosadit) především: civilní verze zbraní typu AR15 a jejich odvozeniny, cicilní verze zbraní typu AK47 a jejich odovzeniny, všechny odnímatelné zásobníky s kapacitou větší než 10 nábojů (a to vč. pistolí, opakovacích zbraní, zbraní na střelivo s okrajovým zápalem atd.), přísnou regulaci zásobníků a poloautomatických zbraní, co … Read More


We list all interesting informations and arguments against the EU gunban and stricter national gun laws. Feel free to read our reports and answers and use the arguments when you write to or call your politician or talk to a journalist.

#FAKE: Did Sky News pay hunters to act as arms traffickers?

Je nám líto, tato položka je k dispozici pouze v English For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. This report presented by British TV station Sky News, suggesting that Romania is the scene of a traffic arms, seems to be a fake! … Read More

How to decrease firearms-related death?

Foto: Photo: Reuters, EPA, ČTK

Findings of the study which wants to combat illicit trafficking and to decrease firearms-related deaths and intimidation of victims: Most, if not all, of the 10.000 firearms-related death will occur as a result of the possession of illicit weapons. (page 30)

EU, we have a problem – but you hit the wrong targets!

Yes, we have problem with gun crime. Yes, terrorists and criminals use forbidden explosives and war weapons … …and converted acoustic firearms. Yes, they ordered unregistered converted firearms by internet. No, these firearms did not belong to authorised owners. No, they ordered illegally reconverted firearms via the darknet. EC wants confiscation of authorised firearms and more. EC has no rules for … Read More