Interview with Katarina from Ukraine


Katarina Ustymenko, who or what got you started to become a gun right activist?

In addition to the traditional lack of already efficient operation of law enforcement agencies in my country, recent events changed my value system. No one will protect you, only you yourself.


Do you have gun rights associations in your country? Do you work for them, together with them or on your own? Please tell us how and why.

Yes, the Ukrainian Association of Gun Owners. And again – yes, I am writing articles for the site of this association. Because the values, promoted by the association are close to me and the same as mine. Free man has a weapon, slave – has not.


What are your personal biggest successes for the gun lobby?

They are not as large as I would like, I am a journalist and well I can only write, so I write 🙂


In your experience, how do your colleagues or your friends view your firearms related activities?

Husband and friends fully support, but colleagues, unfortunately, do not understand. I constantly hear the phrase – you’re a girl! Many persons believe that my gender – base is not interested in guns.


How big is the share of female gun owners in your country? In your opinion, has this share increased or decreased in the last 5 years?

I would not say that it is very large one. Iin the last year women became actively interested in weapons, you know why.


What are the reasons females own guns in your country?

Protect themselves, their family, their home.


UN and EU target the protection of women this year. Both approve more burdens for gun ownership to prevent violent persons from keeping guns. On the other hand these burdens may also prevent law abiding persons of gun ownership. How would you – as a woman – solve this problem?

Limitation of law-abiding citizen in their right to bear arms for self-defense will not protect their lives, and vice versa! Do you want to protect the rights of women? Gorgeous! But double protection is always inefficient. Same for the attitude of the United Nations to guns. Hide and hope for someone’s protection – a bad way to protect yourself from the bandit. Only if the bandit will know that he can get a bullet in a head, he will stop in his illegal intentions.


If you had three wishes, what would you want regarding gun rights?

  • Freedom to bear guns (as of long and short) for all law-abiding citizens.
  • Penalties for violation of the law for all, no exceptions.
  • Free and legal gun market.


Thanks, Katarina


The interviewed Katarina Ustymenko is author of GOAU (Gun Owners Association of Ukrania).
You may contact or follow her:


The interviewer Katja Triebel is the EU coordinator of the GRA (German Rifle Associaton) and member of the Firearms United Team. You may contact her: or by 


P.S. If you do have a female gun rights activist in your country, please connect her with Katja Triebel

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