“EU WON’T DEFEAT US” – video

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The goal is to disarm Europe and make it defenseless – at least that is what the European Commission tries to do for the last 18 months. Fortunately, this action is being pushed back by the law abiding firearms owners. Why the Eurocrats try do so? Isn’t it that making a terrorists’ life easier should be considered a treason? For whom the European Commission works? Does the MEPs DO UNDERSTAND WHAT ARE THEY VOTE UPON AND DO THEY CREATE LAWS CONSCIOUSLY? See for yourself in this shocking material on incompetence of modern Europe.

4 Comments on ““EU WON’T DEFEAT US” – video”

  1. This is a very good interview and I hope many people will see it and learn a lot from it. I also like that it has quite some views already. I subscribed to their channel because of the English subtitles.

    Hmmm. I need to contact GunTV and ask them if I can make a German translation. Thanks for talking your time to make this interview!

  2. Wenn nur diese leidliche Sprachbarriere nicht wäre… Selbst auf englisch ist das oftmals nicht leicht. Gerade dann, wenn es um Feinheiten im Text geht. Habe leider keine Idee, wie das besser funktionieren könnte.

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