Attentato di Stoccolma: non questione di “se”, ma di “quando”

La tragedia di Stoccolma è un avvertimento: la vecchia Svezia non esiste più. Quest’attacco alla società svedese non era una questione di “se”, ma di “quando”. Da tempo la Svezia si era guadagnata un posto tra i bersagli del terrorismo islamico: a Natale del 2010 il militante islamico Taimour Abdulwahab – abitante a Tranås ma radicalizzatosi a Luton, nel Regno … Read More

Swedish Minister of Interior under Suspicion

We have just been informed that Anders Ygeman, the Swedish Minister of Interior, is subject to parliamentary investigation by the constitutional committee regarding his work with the Firearms Directive. Leaked documents indicate that the mandate given by the Parliament, that the Firearms Directive shouldn’t be unnecessarily burdensome to legal firearm owners, has not been followed. According to leaked documents Sweden … Read More

Something is rotten in the Kingdom of Sweden – Part 1

Police chief Peter Thorsell is well known among Sweden’s firearms owners, and it is about time he gets introduced to the rest of Europe. There are in fact similarities with some parts of the firearms directive and Thorsell’s earlier suggestions and opinions. There’s also a clear connection between the European Commission, the work in GENVAL and Swedish police Peter Thorsell.

MEP Christofer Fjellner: no impact assessement = rejection

Conservative MEP Christofer Fjellner from Sweden found the right words. Watch! Snippets of his speech: Instead of getting to the real problem with illegal guns all of the proposal hits the legal guns and has no impact on terrorists or criminals at all. 5-years-licenses, medical exams, hindering distance trade and banning certain semi-automatics won’t stop terrorists but hit hard the … Read More