New attempt from the EU commission to ban specifically AK47 and AR15 families of Firearms

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The cat is out of the bag now…

New attempt (16.11.2016!) by the EU commission to ban specifically:

  • Civilian firearms of ”AR 15 family”, also derivates
  • Civilian firearms of ”AK47 family”, also derivates
  • ALL detachable magazines above 10 rounds (also for handguns, repeating-firearms, rimfires etc.)
  • Strong regulation of magazines and semi-automatic firearms
  • Stricest evaluation of exemptions
  • Immediate decision on bans, since ”EU citizens” demand more protection!

Sourced from EU commission document, 16. November 2016, published on Website of Austrian Parliament: Link

This article is avaiable in six languages:

CZ: Nový pokus Eropské komise prosadit zákaz zbraní typu AK47 a AR15 a jejich klony

FR: Fusils d’assaut semi-auto dérivés de la famille des AK47 et des AR15 doivent être bannis

ES: La Comisión Europea se ha quitado finalmente la careta.

DE: Neuer Versuch der EU-Kommission, explizit zivile Waffen der Familien „AR 15“ und „AK 47“ zu verbieten

PT: Nova tentativa da Comissão da UE para proibir especificamente as Armas de Fogo das famílias AK47 e AR15

RO: Noua tentativă din partea Comisiei UE de a interzice în mod specific armele de tip AK47 și AR15 precum si derivatele din familia acestora

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Original text:
Following two trilogue meetings, the co-legislators were still unable to agree on the revision of the Firearms Directive. These negotiations must be unblocked to take military grade assault weapons off the streets including those converted to semi-automatic use. The Commission’s position is clear that semi-automatic assault weapons derived from the ”AK 47 Kalashnikov family” and the ”AR 15 family” should be banned for civilian use given that they were designed for military use. Magazine sizes for short and long firearms should be limited to 10 rounds and should be subject to authorization and stringent checks and any derogation should be strictly limited and tightly controlled. EU citizens expect swift progress in this area to ensure their protection, so we must reach agreement before the end of 2016 on this key piece of legislation. In parallel, the Commission will launch a renewed push to clamp down on the illegal firearms trade including at the EU/Western Balkans Justice and Home Affairs Ministers’ Conference on 15-16 December.

It seems that the pressure is on now, and commission is getting bad publicity and crying about ”delayed” firearms directive. However, in this the commission only has itself to blame, due to poorly drafted proposal, which they have not been able to this date, provide any justification for.
Photograph courtesy of Oleg Volk

3 Comments on “New attempt from the EU commission to ban specifically AK47 and AR15 families of Firearms”

  1. Mich verwundert sehr,wie die EU Bürger ohne Befragung das Verbot der halbautomatischen Waffen fordern konnten. Das man so offensichtlich lügt und denkt, dass wir alle dumm wären, ist an Hochnäsigkeit und Frechheit nicht zu überbieten! Meine ablehnende Einstellung gegenüber der EU wird erneut bestätigt.

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