Partner – CALL

  CALL Coalición Armas Legales Latinoamericanas (CALL, engl. Latin American Legal Gun Coalition) is a new founded continental organization. It joins and coordinates all pro-gun national organizations of these 12 countries: Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Chile and Mexico. Its main goal is to defend the right of law abiding citizens for the … Read More

Partner – LEX

  LEX LEX Association was founded in 1998. Its main and permanent task is to defend the interests of legal gun owners of all categories, whether they own guns for self-defense, sport or hunting, for their profession or occupation or for collection purposes. As the Czech gun law is the most liberal within the EU and LEX is reknown gun … Read More

Partner – GOAU

  GOAU The Gun Owners Association of Ukrania is the one and only high profile association in Ukraine that defends the gun owners interests. The mission of the organization is to unite gun owners in support of our common interests so that we may work together as a team, allowing our members a common voice and an effective defense. We … Read More

Partner – ANDA

  ANDA Asociatia Nationala a Detinatorilor de Arme (ANDA, engl. National Association of Gun Owners) promotes gun culture in Romania, the right to keep and bear arms for civilians and responsible gun ownership. ANDA is one of the most important gun owners’ representatives in the relationship with the Romanian autorithies, in order to implement and improve realistic gun laws for … Read More