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Perhaps it is due to our facts which we presented last Wednesday in Brussels and which were not spread by media at all – even when we made a paid press release. It seems no journalist or online magazin forwarded this information, even when it got 1 million views.

We came to know that Commission and the Ministries of the Interior of FR, DE and IT are pressuring Parliament to accept their ban proposal by the end of this year.

They want to ban magazines and semi-automatic rifles: Read more

Please support your MEPs that they do not give in to this pressure.


Zip-file in English: Link or arguments only

Zip-file in German: Link oder nur die Argumente

XLS with emails: Link

Under the links above, we have prepared for you a help for arguments, a list of emails of the MEPs and a draft for serial emails in word.

Our press release :

BRUSSELS, November 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —

European Parliament, Brussels, 16 Nov 2016

Over 200 stakeholders attending the FIREARMS UNITED conference hosted by political groups EPP, ECR and ALDE supported the speakers’ calls for the outright rejection of the EC proposal.

Prompted by the EC’s failure to produce an impact assessment, FU founder Katja Triebel tabled her own study and laid bare the EC’s inaccurate statistics and wrong conclusions. Sport shooters’ and firearm collectors’ representatives emphasized the negative impact that the proposal would have on their legitimate activity and on heritage. Expressing their own misgivings, co-chairs Stefano Maullu (EPP), Bernd Kölmel (ECR), Jussi Halla-Aho (ECR) and Dita Charanzova (ALDE) vowed to protect legal owners.

The EC’s ill-conceived proposal has stirred up anti-EU sentiment among over 200 million legal firearm owners, further adding to the EU’s waning popularity in Member States and the Schengen area in general. A speaker who is a deputy in the Swiss Federal parliament stated that his countrymen who live in a country that has one of the world’s highest firearm ownership figures and the lowest violent crime rates, will not accept the imposition of additional EU firearm rules. Failing a parliamentary vote to reject the proposal, a binding referendum with a „Swixit” result is highly likely.

„The European Commission is pushing to introduce their Directive despite all available data showing conclusively that it will achieve nothing in terms of combating terrorism, lowering the homicide rate or preventing massacres. In reality it will just serve to alienate law-abiding citizens even further and divert important resources away from the fight against illegal arms trafficking,” concluded Tomasz Stępień, President of Firearms United.

Tomasz Stepien

Our impact assessment

The European Commission has so far failed to support the EU Gun Ban plans with an impact assessment – most likely because carrying on an impact assessment would cripple the gun ban plans, as its outcomes would seriously contradict the anti-gun agenda. Two members of the first panel brought on their own evaluation, with facts and figures, that were the true centerpieces of the event.

Read more: Link



  1. You don’t protect anybody by disarming honest citizens : it has been done before , it does not work and brings you close to dictature: last time it has been done in France was in 1940 by nazi occupying forces …
    Otherwise each and every dictature, elected or not, like the European Commission, starts with inventing the ennemy from within and disarm their own people, BUT they never adress the real problems like, nowadays, letting anybody, including terrorists, enter Europe.

  2. Que la Commission s’occupe de controler les frontières comme cela est son devoir pour assurer la sécurité des citoyens de l’Europe plutôt que de stigmatiser les citoyens honnetes et respectueux des lois qui détiennent légalement des armes , LESQUELLES ARMES LEGALES N’ONT JAMAIS ETE UTILISEES PAR LES TERRORISTES !
    il y a de nombreux accidents mortels d’automobiles, l’alcool et le tabac tue chaque année des centaines de milliers de personnes alors POURQUOI LE COMMISSION N’INTERDIT PAS LES VOITURES, LE TABAC ou l’ALCOOL ?
    Il y a des personnes qui se suicident en passant par la fenêtre alors il faudrait peut être interdire les fenêtres pour eviter les suicides ?
    TOUT CECI EST ABSURDE ET INDIGNE ! et voilà pourquoi des millions de citoyens rejettent maintenant l’UE.

  3. That the Commission is responsible for controlling borders as it is its duty to ensure the security of Europe’s citizens rather than stigmatizing honest and law-abiding citizens who legally possess weapons, WHICH LEGAL WEAPONS HAVE NEVER BEEN USED BY TERRORISTS!
    There are many fatal motor vehicle accidents, alcohol and tobacco kills hundreds of thousands every year so WHY DOES THE COMMISSION NOT INVOLVE CARS, TOBACCO or ALCOHOL?
    There are people who commit suicide by going through the window so we should be able to forbid the windows to avoid suicides?
    ALL THIS IS ABSURDE AND INDIGNE! And that is why millions of citizens now reject the EU.

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